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Institutions and industrial sites rely on hollow metal doors for their structural security, durability and protective abilities, which is why many law enforcement and government agencies have them installed. Virtually every business or manufacturing facility that makes a valuable material will use hollow metal doors for superior security.

Hollow Metal Doors Ultimate Design Flexibility

For the best in commercial, institutional, retail establishments and industrial applications among others, the most common solution to entries and exits are hollow metal doors.

One of the major advantages to using hollow metal doors is their ultimate design flexibility. Because they are relatively easy to make, they are very cost-effective for places that need a high number of doors to be installed. Plus, they can be tailor-made for the specific use within the building they are being installed into.

Hollow metal doors have superior absorbent qualities when impacted by force. Not only do they repel damage themselves. They also disperse the force involved, which protects the surrounding framework. Where a solid metal door might crack or break, or worse, transfer a damaging impact to the surrounding structure, a hollow metal door will absorb any impact and keep it contained within itself.

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The Hollow means lightweight, making them easy to mount and maneuver on any job site. They also don't have the bulk of a solid metal door making them easy to open and close. And because they are metal, they have an exceptional resistance in the environment, like hot and cold temperatures, humidity, and even water damage that may make other doors warp, crack or splinter.

DWS features Allegion hollow metal doors and steel frames, and we have the tooling needed for custom preparations. All the doors are fire resistant, strong, can have added security features, and are customizable for the application that best serves the type of building they are installed in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-drill and use metal screws. Fire Rated Hollow Metal Doors have hole size restrictions- check rating.

It will depend on the scope of repair.

Check your local listings for Glaziers.

It depends on the type of door.


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