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Hollow Metal
Door Frames

Hollow metal door frames are the perfect compliment to hollow metal doors. They add to the durability and structural superiority of a hollow metal door that you can only get in a metal frame.

Hollow Metal
Window Frames

For strength, durability and a way to compliment both metal doors and metal door frames, hollow metal window frames go hand in hand with both of them.

Hollow Metal Doors - Livermore, CA
Aluminum Frames - Newark CA

Door Frames

Steel isn't the only metal used for door frames. Aluminum can be used in many places where steel is used, and it may be a better cost-effective alternative as well.

Window Frames

The easiest and fastest to install aluminum window frames are available from DWS.

Aluminum Window Frames - Newark CA
Timely High Quality Frames - Livermore, CA

Timely Prefinished Door
Window Frames

For the ultimate in cost savings, yet still featuring a high-quality product, Timely Prefinished Door & Window Frames are the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean with mild soap and water.

It depends on what needs to be repaired.

Installation instructions come with the door frames.

Check the website of the manufacturer.

Remove Sill Stop and Vinyl Glazing Bead. Replace glass and reinstall Sill Stop and Vinyl Glazing Bead.

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