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For both interior or exterior situations, when a highly durable window frame is needed, hollow metal window frames are the answer. They both compliment and accentuate metal doors and metal door frames, and they fit as either a light duty, medium duty or heavy-duty solution.

Strong and Durable Hollow Metal Frames

For strength, durability and a way to compliment both metal doors and metal door frames, hollow metal window frames go hand in hand with both of them.

Allegion, the makers of some of the finest hollow metal doors and hollow metal door frames, also work with DWS to provide you with some of the finest hollow metal window frames. They can be specially made for any application, and we have the tooling needed for custom preparation and welding too.

In many commercial applications, window glass can be large and heavy, which is the perfect environment for a hollow metal window frame. Overall strength is unsurpassed by any other material, and even if the glass is damaged from force of impact, the chances are that the frame will hold up and not need replacement, even if the glass does.

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Both cleaning and maintenance are minimal and easy on a hollow metal window frame. Wiping them down with a damp cloth, or using a mild detergent, will make them look as good as new. They will never chip, warp or sliver, which makes them the ideal choice in an institutional setting, especially around kids.

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There are several design options, but the most common ones are the types that have the same features of metal doors and metal frames. This symmetry in design gives a professional and elegant look in any setting they are featured, remaining pleasing to the eye as well as functional.

Like all metal, hollow metal frames are fire resistant, and they will not start on fire when exposed to flames. They are also weather resistant, and regardless of an exterior or interior application, they will retain their good looks through rain, snow, the humidity of summer or when used as window frames around pools.

Although there are a variety of application uses for hollow metal window frames, they always go best when coupled to metal frames or metal doors. There are two types of metal used, either steel or aluminum. Choose the one that best fits your needs and the commercial application that they will be used for.

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