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Fire Safety Equipment

When it comes to fire protection, you can't take chances, which is why we feature the best fire protection suppliers in the world. Every building must be designed to government mandated fire codes, and the specialties we supply will also meet or exceed those codes. We have the fire-protection specialty needs for any commercial building.

You Can Count on in Case of Any Fire Emergency

We supply you with the fire protection specialties that you can count on in case of any fire emergency.

Foremost in any fire-protection mandate are fire extinguishers. You'll find manufacturers such as Galaxy, Purple K and Sentinel, among others, that offer virtually every type of extinguisher that the specific departments of a building need. For example, you'll find Class A, B and C multi-purpose extinguishers, Class A and K restaurant extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers for Class B and C fires, water mist extinguishers, and even wheeled and low profile extinguishers too.

Of course, depending on the area to be used in, we also have fire extinguisher cabinets. With acrylic windows that won't shatter if broken, they are easy to get into when the needs arise, and are either surface or recessed mounted. Cabinets come in steel, aluminum, an acrylic door model with stainless trim, and there are even decorative models too. We also have fire hose and valve cabinets in surface, semi-recessed or recessed mounts.

Fire rated access panels are a must for every building install, and we have the access panels you need that will conform to the amount of rated hours they need to be. These panels are made to cover such important installations as plumbing and plumbing valves, electrical wires and cables or other important building components such as laundry or garbage chutes. There are styles that are made to mount on walls or the ceiling, and can be flush mounted before or after the wall, board has been installed. You can have your choice of single door, double doors, locking or just an easy to access latches or handles.

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Fire Safety Equipment

Roof hatches allow easy and safe access to the roof, with some design's offering hand grip rails that meet OSHA requirements. Many designs and types are available, with some that are installed during building construction and some that can be retrofitted-in after the building is completed. Both single and double hatches are available, either flat, domed or with a built-in skylight.

DWS takes fire safety as important as you do, which is why we supply only the finest name brand fire protection equipment and fire safety supply. From fire extinguishers and cabinets, to roof hatches and fire rated access panels; we have you covered.

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