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Every commercial building wants both functional and good looking washrooms that will compliment the overall design of the building. But washrooms are not just sinks, faucets and toilets. There is a host of accessories that will make any washroom complete, and you'll be able to tailor make any washroom into a space that works for specific needs.

You'll Find Beauty, Innovation, and Expertise

Commercial washroom accessories are like the icing on the cake. You'll find beauty, innovation, and expertise from DWS and Bobrick.

Basic washroom accessories consist of paper towel dispensers, from surface mounts to recessed mounts, waste receptacles that can be attached or free standing, corner mounts and more, soap dispensers that are either surface mounted or recessed and those that dispense liquid or foam, mirrors, hand dryers and even sanitary napkin/tampon dispensers.

Toilet compartments need their own accessories, but you'll have a choice that will make any compartment complete. For example, toilet tissue dispensers come in several models, from singles to doubles, open or closed, surface or recessed and even a simple but elegant vinyl hook that makes roll changing a breeze. Toilet compartment accessories include seat cover dispensers, sanitary napkin disposals, grab bars and such things as toilet brush holders, spare toilet roll holders and coat hooks.

For a full-service washroom, including showers, you'll find a choice of towel bars and towel shelves, soap dishes that are either surface mounted or recessed, shower curtain rods either straight or curved, and shower curtains too. We also feature a selection of medicine cabinets with mirrors, stainless steel shelves, and robe hooks also.

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We can even provide you with all of your handicapped washroom needs as well. From heavy-duty grab bars to foldable shower and bathtub seats, foldable bariatric shower/tub seats with legs, to foldable charting stations and ADA accessibility signage. For your medical needs, we have heavy-duty specimen pass-through cabinets in both a surface mount or recessed design, a narcotics cabinet and both a recessed or surface mounted sharp objects disposal.

Kid friendly solutions are covered by Koala Kare child products, including horizontal or vertical changing stations, either wall mounted or recessed, in stainless or painted with the friendly Koala Kare logo. With DWS, all of your washrooms needs will be met with some of the best and most respected names in the business.

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