5 Key Reasons to Opt for Aluminum Door Frames

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5 Key Reasons To Opt For Aluminum Door Frames Newark CA

Commercial doors are subjected to higher-volume use than many doors in private homes, and commercial doorways are also under greater aesthetic scrutiny when used by clients and not just by employees. And both as to function and appearance, the door frame is nearly as important as the door itself.

Here are five reasons you should invest in aluminum door frames over your other options (steel or wood):

1. Durability

Durable Frames Aluminum Newark CA

Metal frames and doors simply last longer than other materials. And that means lasts long while requiring little to no maintenance. The same can be said of aluminum window frames or any metal frames for that matter. With aluminum, you don’t have to worry about rust (as with steel), or about rot (as with wood.) However, it is true that seaside buildings are an exception to this since the salty sea air can cause even aluminum to corrode. With an anodized or baked-on finish, your aluminum frame’s color will also be quite durable. And mechanically connected corners will help keep the framing square and secure for many years to come.

2. Stylistic Variety

Stylistic Variety Aluminum Door Frame Newark CA

Whatever may be the requirements of the style and ambience you are seeking to create, aluminium frames can likely fit the bill. With top brands like Builtrite, you get some standard colors and designs, but customization is always a possibility. You get more variety and versatility than with a steel frame, and there are even designer frames on the market for when you need an exceptional look. And finally, note that aluminium frames don’t necessarily have to go with aluminium doors. You can likely find a steel or other metal door that will match or complement the style and finish of your aluminum frames.

3. Affordability

Affordable Aluminum Door Frame Newark CA

As compared to steel frames, hollow metal doors and frames made of aluminum are a very affordable option. If your business needs to install numerous metal doors, windows, and frames, aluminum will retain sufficient security and longevity while saving you a lot of money. Door frame hardware is essential for the function and strength of your door, and you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Aluminum gives you that middle options that ideally balance cost and benefits in many situations.

4. Fast Installation

Aluminum Door Frames DWS INC CA

Since hollow aluminum framing is much lighter to work with than steel and much easier to install, your door-and-frame installation project will get done significantly sooner when you choose aluminum. That means less time that your business is disrupted or operations are down as you upgrade your doors and windows. And time, of course, is money.

5. Eco-friendliness

Eco-Friendly Aluminum Door Frame Newark CA

Not only are aluminum doors and frames energy efficient, but aluminum is also a fully recyclable product. And due to its relatively high value, it will almost certainly be recycled rather than end up in a landfill. And installing aluminum frames will also earn your LEED credits, which in conjunction with other earth-friendly construction practices, will enhance your business’ image with environmentally concerned clients. Thus, there are at least five good reasons to install aluminum door frames (and window frames) at your commercial property. And the same benefits hold true for residential use as well.

To learn more about the advantages of aluminum door frames, contact DWS, Inc. online. Or for assistance from a representative, call DWS at 510-797-4584. DWS has been setting industry standards in the commercial door, frame, and hardware supply space for years. They use high-quality Builtrite frames to ensure the best workmanship.

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