Guide to Buying a Commercial Security Door

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Guide to Buying a Commercial Security Door

If you are in charge of running a business, you know that keeping the property secure at all times is essential. But keeping your business safe and secure does not always mean that you need to invest in fancy cameras or complicated alarm systems. One of the simplest – yet most effective – ways to keep your building safe is by buying commercial security doors.

Every year, over one-third of all burglaries and break-ins are targeted at small business locations. The majority of these crimes occur outside of normal operational hours when a door is broken open.

Commercial security doors are designed for improved durability and strength to prevent this from happening – along with many other benefits, such as:

  • More impressive, professional appearance
  • Long-lasting structure with little upkeep
  • Increased property value
  • Some security doors are also fire-rated for additional safety and protection

But there are many options to consider when purchasing commercial security doors.

Let’s discuss. 

1. Interior and Exterior Commercial Security Doors

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Secure doors are essential for both interior and exterior openings. So, how do interior commercial doors differ from exterior doors?

Exterior commercial security doors are usually insulated for added durability. This protects the door from weather-related damage and helps with soundproofing and temperature regulation.

Interior doors are often thinner and lighter with less interior insulation. This means that they will not block out noise or regulate temperature much, nor will they be as sturdy. Interior commercial security doors are great to add to office rooms that need to be locked up – but they are not always necessary for every single doorframe.

2. Wooden Commercial Security Doors 

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Wooden doors are a classic yet versatile design that can fit into virtually any décor – making it a great choice for commercial purposes. Wood is also a great material for security since it is incredibly strong and durable.

Commercial flush wooden doors are specifically designed for additional security and durability. These commercial security doors are filled with a particleboard core to bring down costs. 

3. Aluminum Commercial Security Doors

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Aluminum commercial doors will not dent or scratch easily and are naturally rust-resistant.  

Although it is very strong, aluminum is quite light-weight, which makes it an ideal material for commercial doors. It can be cumbersome to open heavy doors to your business, especially to accommodate for deliveries.

4. Hollow Metal Security Doors

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If you are looking for a more secure option, consider installing hollow metal security doors. Although they are not fully insulated like solid wood doors, they are still incredibly strong. The hollow door design absorbs impact, which makes it less likely to break under pressure.

This is the most common commercial security door style – as its flexible design makes it incredibly difficult to break down or damage. 

5. Which is the Better Choice?

Each style of commercial security door offers unique benefits. The best style depends on several factors:

  • Design: Wooden doors and hollow metal doors can be painted to match the décor, whereas aluminum designs are typically only available in a natural metal finish.
  • Insulation: Aluminum and wooden doors provide insulation, helping to improve temperature regulation. Hollow metal doors are not as effective at blocking out cold or hot air.
  • Sound-proofing: Thicker designs are best for soundproofing, so wooden doors are best for this purpose.
  • Structural Security: For the greatest durability and protection, hollow metal doors are typically the best choice. Their design is not easily damaged and can be locked securely.
  • Cost: Solid wood doors can be quite expensive, depending on the material. Hollow metal security doors are less expensive and easier to transport and install.


You can vastly improve the security of your business space by installing reliable commercial security doors. If you have any further questions on which door design is best for your company, please contact our team at DWS Inc.

We carry a variety of security doors and other commercial frame and hardware supplies for a beautiful yet secure design in the California area. 


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