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When you are looking at commercial door installation, aluminum doors are the best choice for a wide array of commercial door needs. They are rodent resistant, weather resistant, they need minimal maintenance, and they are ideal for areas that are near salt water. The perfect door has yet to be invented, but when you mention commercial aluminum doors, perfection is nearly achieved.

Stronger than Wood and Vinyl

More than 40 times stronger than wood and 3 ½ times stronger than vinyl, you need to consider commercial aluminum doors.

Remember that aluminum is a metal, so its resistance to damage and abuse is nearly that of steel. Where vinyl may crack if there is an impact, or wood may dent, aluminum will remain virtually intact. In high-traffic areas such as apartments, retail outlets or public buildings, aluminum will handle far more abuse than wood or vinyl, yet it will keep looking good the entire time.

But aluminum toughness is only the beginning. Since aluminum weighs about 45% less than steel, it is easier to handle, easier to maneuver and easier to open when made into a door. Plus, it never rusts like steel, so it will always look good.

Aluminum Doors Service DWS Inc - CA

One of the best things about aluminum doors is their thermal stability. They don't shrink or expand much, unlike vinyl or wood, and when they are thermally insulated, they are very energy efficient. Heated entries in the winter, or cooled entries in the summer, will stay comfortable all year long without a wasteful amount of energy usage to keep it that way.

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When it comes to safety during a fire, aluminum won't burn. Where as wood or vinyl will combust when exposed to flames, aluminum will retain its shape and continue to function. In fact, it will act as a fire break, it won't warp, and commercial aluminum doors will offer protection even if the temperature of the fire reaches 1000 degrees.

Best of all in these modern times, aluminum is a recyclable, sustainable and non-toxic product. Fully 94% of all aluminum mined comes from non-forested areas, leaving a small ecological footprint from the beginning to the end of its life cycle, and all of the DWS commercial aluminum doors are manufactured from recycled aluminum.

Solid, sturdy and beautifully finished, DWS features the industries' most popular door sizes available in our inventory. See the selection of commercial aluminum doors that DWS has for you.

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