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If substantial savings are the main goal when building commercially, Timely Prefinished products may be the solution you are looking for. Doors and windows can be installed as a complete unit by one person, saving labor and hardware costs yet giving you an extremely satisfying product that will compliment your building endeavor.

Cost Savings, High-Quality Doors and Window Frames

For the ultimate in cost savings, yet still featuring a high-quality product, timely prefinished door & window frames are the answer.

Timely prefinished door & window frames come in both steel and aluminum, and they are engineered to outperform traditional metal frames at cost savings. Prefinished means ready to go as soon as they are unpacked and installed. No paint or other finishing is needed.

Timely frames may be one of the greatest bargains in the industry, but they aren't inexpensive or cheaply made imitations. Timely offers fire rated door frames, pocket door frames, communicating door frames, adjustable door frames and many others too. Timely has the door and window frames that will suit the finest commercial, industrial or residential buildings.

Timely Door Frames DWS - CA

Timely prefinished door frames & window frames come in many different styles and designs, including the classic frame, kerfed, adjustable kerfed, double egress and the pocket trim kit. The casings include steel, colonial steel wood, and aluminum.

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Timely Door Frames Supplier DWS - CA

DWS will make sure that a Timely door or window frame meets your specifications. You'll have many finishing options, and you can choose from a pre-finished color chart for a color match that flatters the existing color.

When cost is a priority, but you can't compromise on the excellence of the product, Timely Prefinished Door & Window Frames are the best choice for the task at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rated frame has been tested to meet the specific fire rating.

Per the manufacturer, the paint can be applied with a brush, roller or spray equipment in accordance with the paint manufacturer's recommendation.

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