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Aluminum door frames best compliment aluminum doors. Both the style and finish will make them go together like nothing else, giving a quality professional look that few other materials can match. But because of the many styles to choose from, they truly will compliment virtually any metal door.

Better Cost-Effective Alternative than Metal

The Steel isn't the only metal used for door frames. Aluminum can be used in many places where steel is used, and it may be a better cost-effective alternative as well.

Aluminum door frames are lighter to work with and therefore, easier to install when compared to a steel door frame. For a contractor, that means greater productivity because aluminum door frames can be installed faster than other heavier door frames. That saves time, and the overall job can be completed in less time.

Aluminum Door Frames - Newark CA

DWS gets their aluminum door frames from Built Rite, one of the foremost makers of aluminum door frames. With many styles and designs to choose from, they are considered the fastest and easiest to install throughout the building industry. They come in 3 standard colors, clear, dark bronze and white, but custom colors are available to match the artistic design specifications. They are simple, beautiful and the contemporary designs will blend into most any building structure.

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Aluminum Door Frames DWS INC CA

Aluminum door frames are constructed in pre-finished aluminum that fits most every standard wall size. They come with a supplied knock down and notched header, and feature either square or mitered-cut snap-on aluminum casings. The full face trim also snaps on when the frame has been installed.

Aluminum door frames are considered 100% recyclable, and by installing aluminum door frames, you'll be using LEED credit earning products. Plus, aluminum door frames are considered one of the greatest bargains and most cost effective frames within the commercial building industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean with mild soap and water.

It depends on what needs to be repaired.

Installation instructions come with the door frames.

Check the website of the manufacturer.

Builtrite windows are made to fit the rough opening. They wrap the wall and are screwed in place. A Trim is installed to cover the screws. The glass is usually provided and installed by a Glazier.

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