7 Key Benefits of Investing in Commercial Wood Doors

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benefits of investing in commercial wood doors

In the business world, we often talk about “doors of opportunity” and how they can promote our business’ growth and prosperity. But selecting superior literal doors for our business optimization properties also offers significant benefits that should not be overlooked.

7 Benefits of Commercial Wood Doors

In particular, commercial wood doors are a wise investment that repays you in numerous ways, including these seven:

1. Natural Aesthetic Appeal

natural aesthetic appeal dws ca

A commercial wood door adds a true touch of elegance to any office, meeting room, customer lobby, or other business environments. The natural beauty of real wood, both its textures and hues, gives your entryway a much more professional look that employees and customers alike will appreciate.

Additionally, you can beautify your wood door further by applying custom-designed veneers. Some veneers can even be imprinted with business-specific logos, text, and imagery.

2. High Energy Efficiency

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Wood can acts as a great insulator, keeping warm air in during winter and cool air in during summer. A wood door will help keep room temperatures even and stable all year long, which equals high levels of energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Flush commercial wood doors or wood doors with tight-fitting, high-grade weather stripping reduce the effects of outside weather on those inside, including not only temperature but also humidity. Choose a weather treated, solidly built model, and the weather stays out while the energy stays in.

3. A Quieter Work Are

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Solid commercial wood doors are ideal for reducing noise levels in the office or other work space. Doors made of wood naturally muffle sounds that attempt to pass through them. And a quieter, more peaceful office means less distracted, more productive workers.

4. High Fire Ratings

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Commercial wood doors are one of the lowest-cost ways to score high fire ratings (20 to 90 minutes) at key door openings in your building.

High-grade wood doors will, in the event of a fire, control the rate and direction of the spread of both fire and smoke. Putting up commercial-grade wood doors is as much safety measure as an aesthetic and cost-saving choice.

5. Strength and Durability

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Solid wood doors, or wood doors encased in metal frames, are extremely strong. This is important for security reason since a solid barrier is created against intruders. But it is also important daily with doors that undergo heavy use.

And quality built wood doors will not readily chip, crack, dent, or scratch. You can expect many years of solid service. In fact, architectural wood doors can stand up against heavy, continual use as effectively as can metal doors.

6. Easy to Customize

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A good wood door production and installation company will accommodate you on custom orders. If you need a lock/hinge in a special location, for example, most providers will work with you on that.

Since wood is easy to cut, as compared to metal, you can get a custom-machined wood door of high quality for a very reasonable investment.

7. Variety and Versatility

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Finally, we should not neglect to mention the great variety of styles and door-types available in wood. Solid wood for strength, hollow wood for a lighter-weight door, particle wood for a 100% smooth surface, and mineral core wood fire doors are just a few examples.

And you also have the options of double doors, which are convenient for quick access to busy offices/retail stores.

Wood is often the material of choice for doors in all manners of applications, from schools to hospitals to hotels to office buildings.

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