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When it comes to office buildings, nothing speaks more like professionalism than commercial flush wood doors. Not only are they a great value, but they also feature top rated performance in a number of categories, including strength and minimal maintenance requirements. Those are some of the reasons why they remain so popular to this day.

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Functional and Efficient Commercial Wood Doors

When function is a priority over form, commercial flush wood doors are the answer . These are the mainstays of the corporate business environment that are found in virtually every commercial building constructed.

A simple but efficient design is unmatched with commercial flush wood doors, and they are a favorite in diverse climates where their innate design keeps cold air at bay during the winter while keeping the heat and humidity out during the summer. That assures you of consistent energy savings in any climate.

One of their hallmarks is sound deadening properties, with the commercial flush wood door’s ability to muffle sounds. That is one of the more important factors towards their installation in office buildings, apartments and other public building structures. In any sound sensitive environment, commercial flush wood doors allow residents or office employees to have a peaceful environment where neighbors, either next door or down the hall, won’t disturb one another.

Core choices allow you to customize your commercial flush wood door and tailor it to your needs. An acoustic core keeps out noise. A fire rated core gives high fire rating protection. An agrifiber “Green” core is made up of agricultural waste products; a particleboard core will reduce costs, and several other core types are available that will suit virtually all builders needs.

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