Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

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Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Hollow Metal Doors and Frames - CAIf you are looking to invest in new doors and/or frames for your business, you certainly have some viable options. Commercial wood doors might best serve main entryways of restaurants, offices, and places where you will meet with clients, and there are situations where aluminum doors and frames could be the right fit.

But the most popular choice for police, government, factory, and many other commercial settings is hollow metal doors, accompanied by hollow metal door frames. Why? Here are some of the main reasons why so many opt for metal doors with metal door frames.

1. High Security

High Security - CAThere is no stronger door and frame unit you can choose than hollow steel or stainless steel. The impact resistance and strength of metal obviously up your security level, but what many don’t realize is that hollow can be safer than solid when it comes to metal doors.

Here’s why. Hollow metal does a better job of absorbing and dispersing impacts, which lessens the chances of breaking, cracking, or denting. And it also makes it much more difficult to bust down the frame because hollow metal doors won’t transfer the damage to the edges like solid metal sometimes can.

And hollow metal doors also have high fire ratings, being as they are, fire resistant.

2. Long Durability

Long Durability - CAHollow metal doors/frames will last many, many years without any damage. Weather will not hurt them. They resist both hot/cold, extreme temperatures, high/low humidity, rain, snow, frost, and more. They are more than adequate for either interior or exterior use.

And very little maintenance and almost no repairs are required, to keep your hollow metal doors/frames looking and functioning like new for the long term.

3. Easily Customized

The production process of hollow metal doors is such that it is not at all difficult to find operations that will customize (and custom-size) your door just the way you want it.

And even the standard sizes, styles, and builds are quite diverse, giving you a lot of options. You can find already-manufactured models that will fit almost any building, but again, when customization is needed or desired, it’s not a problem.

4. Aesthetic AppealMetal

Aesthetic AppealMetal - CADoors can be very attractive because they “shine” and that shine is easy to maintain with just a damp cloth run over the metal surface. There are a wide variety of finishes, and surface designs available for both door and frame. And paint is always an option.

5. Ease of Use

Solid Metal Doors - CASolid metal doors can be rather heavy to push open/closed, but hollow metal doors are lightweight enough that you can use them with ease. Locking and unlocking or propping them open temporarily is also a “piece of cake.”

6. Very Affordable

Affordable Aluminum Door Frame Newark CA

While hollow metal doors and hollow metal door frames are an investment. They are relatively low cost compared to many of your other options. This is especially true when you take into account their many benefits, as listed above.

Metal door frames and doors are cheap enough that many businesses can afford to install numerous such doors throughout each high-security building. And their light weight and relative simplicity as to installation mean labor costs are lower than with some other doors/frames.

In sum, we can say that hollow metal doors and metal door frames are popular in commercial use for very good reason. Security, durability, versatility, affordability, and more are all in their favor.

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